If you think you live in Warrington or Cheshire

Answer these Questions

  • Why do I pay my rates to WIGAN ?
  • Why do I vote in WIGAN elections ?
  • Why do WIGAN empty my bins ?
  • Why do my kids go to WIGAN schools ?
  • Why am I entitled to join WIGAN library‚Äôs ?
  • Why do WIGAN sweep my Street ?

  • Why are we policed by Greater Manchester ?
  • Why do we have Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service ?
  • Why do we have Greater Manchester Bus Passes ?

      Warrington pass holders can not use them on Greater Manchester Trains or on the Metrolink Trams WE CAN.

  • Why do I have a LEIGH member of parliament ?
  • Why did we vote for the Mayor (Andy Burnham was elected) in the Manchester City Region Elections (2017)

Just because we have a Warrington Post Town Address and Post Code does not mean we live in Warrington. We live in the Borough of WIGAN and do not have a county in our postal address. You will see from the above map that St. Helens and Trafford have Warrington Post codes but are not in Warrington. Remember five years ago when the Post Office wanted to change our postal address to Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside would you have thought you lived in St.Helens or Merseyside ?

Our Postal address is:

Lowton, Warrington WA3 1 or 2 xx  

Example WA3 1RD

The Greater Manchester Statutory City Region(sometimes called the Greater Manchester City Regionor more commonly as the Manchester City Region) is a pilot administrative division of England, consisting of Greater Manchester plus five other borough divisions. It is under the strategic governance of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, officially designated on 1 April 2011 and has a population of 3,363,555 according to figures from the office for national statistics (2011)

Streets List

The Streets List of roads to be included in the 20 MPH areas of both wards are listed below as downloadable PDF files

                                                                           Just click below to open, both can be saved and/or printed out

Golborne & Lowton West                                                      Lowton East


Recently voted number two in the list of rude place / street names, here is what is beleived to be the story behind the name SLAG LANE.

It is understood that the lane between St. Luke's church and the canal was just a dirt track. One Sunday, after a period of heavy rain, the Byrom family of Byrom Hall were travelling to church in their horse drawn cart when it became bogged down in the mud. This prompted the Byrom family to purchase waggon loads of slag from the nearby Bickershaw colliery and had it spread and tamped down in order to give a much better surface for their carriages. The road became known by the locals as "The Slag Lane"

On page three of the Lowton history website there is a picture of the village that was between the tip and the canal it looks like there was still a dirt surface in 1910 (Ed)

Just for interest here is the location of the Lowton near Taunton, Somerset. Just a little hamlet